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Arthur Potts

Arthur Potts was first elected to represent Beaches-East York in 2014. As an entrepreneur and small-business owner, he brings to the role a passion for public service and a history of working with others to find lasting solutions.

Since 2014, Arthur has demonstrated his ability to deliver results for our community and for the people of Ontario. As the Parliamentary Assistant for Environment and Climate Change, Arthur is working with the private sector to protect the environment by delivering our Climate Change Action Plan and create more opportunities for Ontario’s growing green technology industry. Arthur was also named Parliamentary Assistant for Transportation. Ontario’s efforts to combat climate change rely heavily on new modes of transportation, reducing the use of fossil fuels and expanding the availability and use of public transit.

During this period of rapid economic change, we need a fighter who can deliver greater fairness and opportunity for our community. Arthur has a proven track record of turning progressive ideas into reality.

In his first term, Arthur has delivered results for the people of Ontario and Beaches-East York. His work at Queen’s Park has helped protect servers’ tips to improve their incomes, and put an end to the unfair expiry of reward points. He helped facilitate a $50 million donation to Michael Garron General Hospital. He championed a $26-million provincial investment in the East York Mondelez factory and played a key role in improving childcare in our province. Arthur also played a key role in stopping the delivery of hate speech at our doors.

No matter the challenge, Arthur is focused on making life better for you.

Arthur is a proud father of two daughters – Robin and Dara – and lives in the Upper Beaches with his partner Lisa Martin and her three children. A fly-fishing enthusiast, Arthur also enjoys sailing and plays hockey and tennis, where he is a member of Kew Gardens Tennis Club. 

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