Arthur receives endorsement from key environmental organization

Thursday, May 24, 2018


This election, Arthur Potts is one of only eight candidates in Ontario to be endorsed by GreenPAC.  

A non-partisan organization, GreenPAC is driven by the belief that we need strong political leaders who are willing to take on climate change. Arthur’s endorsement comes after 30 years working in clean energy and waste management, and four years advocating for environmental protection at Queen's Park.

Before running for office Arthur cofounded a wood waste recycling business and led a bio-waste treatment and diversion company, diverting more than 75% of mixed municipal waste from landfills while recovering clean water, recyclables, and methane. Arthur also helped establish the bottle deposite return system that has helped reduce large amounts of glass bottle waste.

As an MPP Arthur has been a champion for environmental stewardship, serving as Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministers of the Environment and Climate Change. In that role, he has worked tirlessly to reduce Ontario’s carbon footprint through the Climate Change Action Plan and the cap and trade partnership with Quebec and California. He also played a role in Metrolinx's partnership with Toronto Hydro to build an innovative energy storage system that will provide back-up power to the Eglinton Crosstown, lowering operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Arthur also helped ensure that the replacement ferries for Wolfe and Amherst Islands were focused on electric-powered boats, rather than diesel. 

In Beaches-East York, Arthur worked with community partners to open a pollinator-friendly food demonstration garden beside his constituency office, and has worked with local food organizations to increase the amount of community gardens in our community.

Link to GreenPac Endorsement: